The Path of Sri Ramana Part One

The Path of Sri Ramana
Part One

By Sri Sadhu Om

Paperback: 215 pages

Publisher: Sri Ramana Kshetra, Kanvashrama Trust


THIS IS THE MOST RECENT EDITION of a book, written by Sadhu Om, that is the only text which gives a detailed explanation of the correct way of doing self-enquiry. Sadhu Om spent several years with Bhagavan in the 1940s and he was Muruganar’s literary executor. This book also contains a brief biography of Bhagavan and a complete translation of Who am I?, Bhagavan’s own prose presentation of his key teachings.


The Path of Sri Ramana, Part One, is now out of print. A limited number of copies of part two are still available, but these will run out soon. Michael James is making a revised edition of The Path of Sri Ramana that will consolidate both titles in one book. I hope copies will be available by the middle of 2018.