Upadesa Undiyar

Upadesa Undiyar

of Bhagavan Sri Ramana

By Sri Ramana Maharshi

Translated by Sri Sadhu Om and Michael James

49 pages


Publisher: Sri Ramana Kshetra, Kanvashrama Trust

First edition 1986

Second edition 2004


UPADESHA UNDIYAR is a thirty-verse Tamil poem that was composed by Ramana Maharshi in the 1920s. Bhagavan was asked to write it by Muruganar to complete a work of his own, a poem that culminated in a thirty-verse section in which Siva gave spiritual advice to a group of ancient rishis who had been following questionable spiritual practices. The work is better known under its Sanskrit title, Upadesa Saram.

Sadhu Om and Michael James have made this detailed translation of Upadesa Undiyar. The book includes the full Tamil text, a word-for-word translation into English and a commentary on each verse.

The text of this work has already appeared on this site in a slightly modified form.


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