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The Shining of my Lord

The Shining of my Lord is an anthology of just over 1,000 Muruganar verses that have primarily been taken from the first eight volumes of Sri Ramana Jnana Bodham. The book also includes a long introductory biography that chronicles Muruganar’s association with Sri Ramana Maharshi and the literary works that were the fruit of that relationship. [MORE]

Viorica Weissman Interviews David Godman

David tells Viorica about his first years in Tiruvannamalai. [MORE]

Sri Guru Ramana Prasadam

This book contains over 1,000 verses by Muruganar, most of which describe his experience of the Self and the gratitude he feels towards Ramana Maharshi for revealing this state to him. The book also contains a number of teaching verses in which Muruganar summarises key aspects of Ramana Maharshi’s teachings. [MORE]

Begegnungen mit Sri Ramana Maharshi

This book is a German translation of The Power of the Presence, Part One. It is the first of three volumes that comprise lengthy first-person accounts by devotees whose lives were transformed by Ramana Maharshi. The narratives span the entire fifty-four year era of Bhagavan’s teaching career. [MORE]

Mostly About Books, Version 2

An updated and expanded version of “Mostly About Books”, an interview of David Godman by Michelle Mikklesen, that contains new information and a large number of photos. [MORE]