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Sorupa Saram. Translation by Pentti Mantyla of Sorupa Saram.

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Rozhovor s Davidem Godmanem. Translation by Ivo Ries of An Interview with David Godman By Rob Sacks for

Můj chrámový život. Translation by Ivo Ries of Temple Times.

Život a učení Šrí Ramany. Translation by Ivo Ries of An Introduction to Sri Ramana’s Life and Teachings.

Život v inspiraci Šrí Ramanou Mahárišim. Translation by Ivo Ries of Living the Inspiration of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

The following Czech translation of No Mind — I am the Self  has been sent to me by Gabriela Stefanikova. Mathru Sri Sarada and Lakshmana Swamy gave their permission to make this partial translation and post it online. It was originally posted at

V Čirém Já. Translation by Gabriela Stefanikova of No Mind — I Am the Self.

Romanian Translation