Sri Ramana Maharshi:
His Life and Teachings

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Sri Ramana Maharshi

“That in which all these worlds seem to exist steadily, that of which all these worlds are a possession, that from which all these worlds arise, that for which all these exist, that by which all these worlds come into existence and that which is indeed all these — that alone is the existing reality. Let us cherish that Self, which is the Reality, in the Heart.”

— Sri Ramana Maharshi

If you know little or nothing about Ramana Maharshi’s life and teachings and want to know more, the interview with John David will be a useful introduction.

Guru Vachaka Kovai is a collection of Ramana Maharshi’s teachings that was recorded in Tamil verse by Muruganar, one of his foremost disciples. This translation, by Sadhu Om and Michael James, has never been published.

Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad is a presentation of Ramana Maharshi’s teachings that was written in Sanskrit verse in the 1950s by Lakshman Sarma, a devotee who had the rare privilege of having private lessons from Bhagavan on the meaning of his teachings. The translation and commentary are by Lakshman Sarma himself.

Ramana Puranam is a long Tamil poem that was jointly composed by Bhagavan and Muruganar.

Arunachala Pancharatnam is a five-verse poem composed by Bhagavan. The item that appears here is a commentary on it by Sadhu Om.

Who am I? is a translation and commentary on Bhagavan’s famous essay.

Upadesa Undiyar is the thirty-verse Tamil poem, composed by Ramana Maharshi, that is better known under its Sanskrit name, Upadesa Saram. The version I have posted here is a word-for-word translation by Sadhu Om and Michael James that contains additional commentary and explanations

Upadesa Tiruvahaval is the ninth poem from Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai, a work by Muruganar that praises Bhagavan and records some of his teachings.

The remaining items are articles that I have written on various aspects of Ramana Maharshi’s teachings. Most of them have been published in The Mountain Path, the journal of Sri Ramanasramam.

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